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Elinor Edberg (Uppsala, Sweden) about IW Budapest:

"Hi! As everybody else I had a FANTASTIC week! It was so nice to get to know you! :D A big thanks to all participants and organizers, it is because of you that I just had one of the best weeks ever! You are welcome in Sweden, Stockholm, Uppsala whenever you like! (I would also like to say that I'm so sad I had to leave early the last night - a combination of slovak shit and fever made me zombie-like. I guess I only have myself to blame: Australia is apparently not a country in Europe... ;)"

Boldog új évet mindenkinek!

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Most, hogy elindult az új honlapunk, igen sok újdonság kerül majd bevezetésre az AIR életében. A legfontosabb az, hogy minden hónapban szervezünk mindenki számára nyilvános programokat, workshopokat. Kövessétek figyelemmel az eseményeket, itt a honlapon, valamint a facebook oldalunkon is, a címen.

Mindenkinek kellemes ünnepet, és boldog új évet kívánunk!

Itt vagy most: AIR Blog Boldog új évet mindenkinek!

For our sponsors

For an IW we need a lot of resources and other non-financial support as well. Our organization has to cover all expenses for visiting students, including food, travel and cultural visits. To make things easier for us, we are looking for sponsors. To take a look at our sponsorship proposal, please to to the "For our sponsors" menu item.

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