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Adrian Krynicki (Krakow, Poland) about IW Budapest:

"The same with me, just stepped into my house and think that last week was one of the best in my life, people, city and the weather were great, these seven days were so exciting that it takes half a day to tell about everything what happened there, in the city of Budapest. I'd love to thank you for it, much love and see you some time! :)"

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Mint azt láthatjátok, elkészült az új AIR-es honlap. A hosszú távú tervek szerint az új honlap az alábbiakat hivatott majd ellátni:

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For an IW we need a lot of resources and other non-financial support as well. Our organization has to cover all expenses for visiting students, including food, travel and cultural visits. To make things easier for us, we are looking for sponsors. To take a look at our sponsorship proposal, please to to the "For our sponsors" menu item.

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